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Banaskantha DWCRA Mahila SEWA Association.

The 300 Local women-managed DWCRA groups have been federated into a district level association, the Banaskantha DWCRA Mahila SEWA Association, which was registered on 22nd December 1992. The Association aims to provide infrastructural support in the form of raw material, training, managerial input, credit, workspace and marketing input to individual DWCRA groups. SEWA plans to support the association in building new groups. Gradually SEWA would withdraw, when the Association is able to manage its programme activities.

The Banaskantha Women's Rural Development Project is striving to build up and strengthen local women-managed DWCRA groups for the social and economic empowerment of poor rural women, which enables them to increase their decision making capacity, become financial managers or their own organizations, represent their activities at the district, state, and national level boards, and thus come into the mainstream of the Indian economy as full and rightful participants.